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December 4, 2020

Earth’s Ice Records 

Earth’s ice cores preserve climate history of million of years. Most of the ice cores are taken from the ice deposited in Antarctica and Greenland. Some interesting facts… Ice cores have been preserved in US National Ice Core Library (NICL) in Denver Colorado. Oldest ice core record kept there is 420000 years old. There are ice cores which have been collected and preserved from a single hole 3.6 kilometres. Total length of all the ice core samples preserved in the NICL is 20 kilometres. How do these ice cores help in delineating the climate at that period of time. Dust… Read More »Earth’s Ice Records 

Shaheen Falcon 

There is a forest near my home. It is maintained by Department of Forests. The department has converted a small portion of the forest into a Nature Park. I am a regular visitor to this park where sometimes very different birds make their appearance. One day, I was lucky to spot this beauty perched on the branch of a leafless tree. It was sitting very patiently perhaps inviting me to take as many pictures as I liked. I took so many pictures. When I processed them, I had some confusion between Eurasian Hobby and Peregrine Falcon because the former was spotted… Read More »Shaheen Falcon 

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