What can be made from 1 Barrel of Crude Oil

Crude oil is called Black Gold. It is used in making so many products. Crude oil quality is indicated with its API gravity. More is the API of the oil better it is. With 1 barrel of oil with 32 API or 7.21 pounds per gallon(specific gravity=0.864) , following things can be made.

  1. Wax for 170 birthday candles or for making 27 crayons.
  2. Lubricants to make 1 quart of motor oil
  3. About 4 pounds of charcoal briquettes
  4. Gasoline to drive a medium sized motor car (7.2 km/litre) for 451 kilometres
  5. Distillate to drive a large truck (2 km/liter) 64 kms. If jet fuel fraction is included then 80.5 kms.
  6. Asphalt to make 3.785 liter of tar for roof patching
  7. 70 KW hours of electricity at a power plant
  8. Liquified gases such as propane to fill 12 small (14.1 ounces) cylinders.

After all this, there would be enough petrochemical left in the same barrel for making:

  • 540 toothbrush
  • 750 pocket combs
  • 65 plastic drinking cups
  • 11 telephone housing
  • 39 polyester shirts
  • 65 plastic dustpans
  • 23 hula hoops
  • 135 four inches rubber balls
  • 195 one-cup measuring cups

The data is taken from Infographics website. Thanks to the website for this.

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