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Stars Looking Benevolently Down

This was first published on 2nd December 2008.

In Mumbai, people rarely look heavenwards because they don’t have time for this leisurely activity. They always move like a sea of crowds and will be trodden if they look upwards. After the end of the day, they reach homes totally exhausted by effects of  pollution and interminable journeys.

There is no space anymore in the city downtown and almost all the middle class has moved to suburbs. In a way, the bridges connecting the Mumbai islands to mainland of India are like the tongues of dragons licking away the land without end.

I was strolling out my colony in the evening around half past seven and waiting for someone. Vacantly as my eyes were following the diminishing objects about to melt into the darkness, my eyes went heavenwards and there I saw the sickle of moon straddled by two bright stars. It was looking like an emoticon of happiness.

Times Mirror, wrote that after so many days of grief, and trouble, the sight God presented seemed very benevolent. “It seemed that heaven were watching benevolently on the wounded Mumbai” after the terrorist attack on Mumbai.

moon venus and jupiter

Moon, Jupiter and Venus has come so close to each other. This is will repeat only in 2012 now.

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