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My Mind Still Yearns

Every object here looks dull and drab. Dust seems to be creeping everywhere stealthily, slowly and steadily enveloping every object with layers. It sits on leaves of trees where it becomes so thick that it begins to drizzle when leaves are shaken by the wind. It crosses the windows of houses and sits on chairs, tables, clothes and utensils.There is no escape from it. It is all pervading like God almighty.

It has flown above the soil surface and hangs day and night in the sky. It hangs above the surface along with the fog in the morning. Winds cannot scare it. It seems that it has begun to deposit on the mirror of my imagination dulling it, I cannot see myself clearly in this mirror.

Even the celestial moon does not seem to have been spared by the dullness of dust. Its pale light is dull and seems to struggling against the dust to reach the earth.

May be my mind is not placid. May be I am not happy and content. I am still haunted by the past. I have not been able to forget it and start the life anew here. It never leaves me and is relentlessly and ruthlessly follows me day in and day out.

However much I try to forget the days gone by, however much I try to convince my heart the futility of the situation, it does not listen. It weeps and yearns for the bygone days. My attachment does not fade. When mind is not happy, the entire world seems dull and not worth living.

May be this is true. Nobody else ever seems to be complaining.  They even do not seem to taking any notice of the surroundings. How does it matter, if the moon is dull, only weak light is emanating from it. In fact, it seems like a piece of dead stone traveling slowly across the sky at night.

In the day time, sun does not send forth melting golden rays to the earth. The sky does not look azure and clear and eyes do not have any problem looking up to the sky. Stars seem to have lost their individuality and seem the dust speckled in the sky. I feel like crying loudly but stifle the feeling in my breast.

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