Piling on weight at workplace

By | November 16, 2020

Redshift Research conducted a study on the employees in workplace and found out that in general, employees tend to put on weight after joining the job.

These findings can be useful to employers to take steps to provide facilities at workplace like breaks in work schedule for a walk or light exercises and giving the employees passes to gymnasium.

The deterioration in physical health affects the mental wellbeing also which results in reduced output both in quality and quantity. Investment by employers can go a long way in terms of fitness of employees and in return quality and quantity work output from employees.

Major contributing factors to this problems have been identified as follows :

  1. Sitting at the desk most of the day.
  2. Eating because of work stress.
  3. Having to skip meals because of time constraints.
  4. Too tired from work to exercise.
  5. Celebrations at workplace.
  6. Pressure to eat food brought by coworkers.
  7. No time to exercise before and after work hours.
  8. Temptation of the biscuit cans in the office table.
  9. Frequently eating out.
  10. Happy hours.

MD of CarrierBuilder India says:

“Work related stress, lack of sleep and overly packed schedules can often get in the way of healthy eating and exercise habits. Poor physical health can also take a toll on mental health and work quality. So it is important for workers to stay active, even if it just means taking small breaks throughout the day to walk around or stretch”

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