Khopoli: Nature’s Beauty Spot

Khopoli is located on old Mumbai Pune road. Konkan region which begins from Panvel in Maharashtra India along the Western Ghats of India is full of geographical features. It is studded with hills of peculiar shapes, rivulets, coconut palm trees and grasses and shrubs. Still unspoiled, the region bears different hues in different seasons. The land is not flat and not much area is arable.

The region being adjoining to the Arabian sea receives copious quantities of rains in the Monsoon season. Everything turns vivid green and hills which were in summer parched are draped in the greenery. You can see farmers tending cows.

We usually went out in this region in the car. If you travel on old Panvel-Pune road, after Ambani School, there is a road from Panvel Chowk towards Matheran. After you go about 5-6 kilometers on this road towards Matheran, this road is bifurcated and the road emanating from there, goes across the countryside and emerges just near Khopoli on Panvel-Pune Road. The Konkan area is naturally endowed with great features and trees and shrubs. Beautiful indeed.


5 thoughts on “Khopoli: Nature’s Beauty Spot”

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  2. Because of natures beauty Khopoli is a center of attraction of people and now a days for residential plots people are attracted towards Khopoli. I must say Khopoli is dream paradise like Karjat for nature lovers.

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