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Change is not always for the better

It is generally said that change is always for the better. It is a general statement and hence may not be always true or valid for all changes. Sometimes change can disturb your balance with the nature and people and can result in problems and makes you repent your decisions.

For example, the weather at the new place may not suit you and you shall not feel in good spirits. Your morale can go down. Sometimes, the people at new place may not turn out to be of your liking and you will feel cut off and isolated like a fish in new waters.

Then you may come face to face with people whom you had known and made a very optimistic opinion about them when you were away from each other. But coming nearer may show of the facets of their personality which you have not expected. Your expectations are shattered. Your mind struggles to change its opinion about them and suffers.

Sometimes, the adaptability becomes poor with increasing age. Physical strength is down and visiting places and friends can become a demanding task in itself. This results in the loneliness.

Of course, if you already decided to live at a given place, then also your life becomes routine and stale. Mind then craves for newer things, places and people. In such cases a short trip to another place may be even better for us.

2 thoughts on “Change is not always for the better”

  1. Good, you can write without bothering for the connsequences ,truly speaking. you have given words to our feelings also.

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