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November 3, 2020

Idyllic Life

There is a piece of uncultivated land adjacent to our building. Land is scarce in Punjab. Every inch is under cultivation. So this piece of land with uneven surface must have been purchased by some builder for construction of high rise buildings. But at present it is as it is. Grass and shrubs are growing uninterrupted in this land. On the opposite end are dense woods where poplar and eucalyptus are growing majestically. Poplars are not complicated trees. This scene is a small fragment of idyllic life which existed in India almost everywhere some years back. As the rural areas… Read More »Idyllic Life

Thank you Google !!

I wanted to share the story long back. Today has made up my mind and putting it on the paper. Google has become indispensable for the internet. Without it you cannot get the information you want. On a simple press of search button after entering the query, thousand upon thousand results are displayed within fraction of seconds. It’s interface deceptively simple. Most of people think that Google is simply a search engine. There are several other applications which are very helpful. Some of these are Maps, Earth, Gmail, Picasa, Translation, Blog and so on. Now my story. I did my… Read More »Thank you Google !!

The Real Anthony Gonsalves

Amar Akbar Anthony the hit bollywood movie in the 1977 had a song “My name is Anthony Gonsalves” in which the character Anthony Gonsalves played by Amitabh Bachchan comes out of an Easter Egg. “Anthony Gonsalves…passes away….talented musician with LP and on his name my character name for Anthony was put..prayers,” the 69-year-old superstar posted on Twitter. Legendary music composer Anthony Gonsalves died at a hospital after a bout of pneumonia, family sources said today. The end came last night at the Goa Medical College and Hospital, where he was admitted and undergoing treatment. He was 84 then. Gonsalves became… Read More »The Real Anthony Gonsalves

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