November 1, 2020

Concept of pH in Chemistry

Although the pH of a lake or polluted stream is seldom reported in the media, the people who are monitoring the health of the lake water record it daily religiously. But pH is quite an important physical property of water. pH of a stream gives an indication about the salts and other soluble matter present in the water. These soluble salts affect the organisms living in the water. Also changing pH in a stream can be an indicator of increasing pollution or some other environmental factor. As we know life on our planet is based on the water. Water is… Read More »Concept of pH in Chemistry

Observing the Nature

How often do we leisurely watch the nature around us? General answer will be not often. Do we sit out in the evening and watch the sun going down, its glow becoming golden, and shadows lengthening and blinking through the chinks in the trees? Do we watch the groups of birds flying towards their homes after spending their day in a far off place where the food is available to forage? Why, in the first place, they don’t make their resting places near the food. May be the supply is not available at one place throughout the year and their… Read More »Observing the Nature

Marriage, Love and Dhokha

She is now 44 years old, past her prime by any standards. Born into a middle class family in the rural area adjoining the mega city, she also was attracted to the city like a magnet. And why not? When thousands gravitate towards the city which has the power to transform a person and catapult the destiny. But everyone is not lucky and not able to withstand the cut throat competition. Many a times you must have heard the stories of casting couch. It is especially more difficult for girls. She also was like that and ended up by getting… Read More »Marriage, Love and Dhokha