It is lonely at the top

Becoming very successful and rising to top is human quest. Every manager, strives to rise above others. But as he progresses, he begins to become lonely in his social life. He becomes wedded to the enterprise he is involved with.

A time comes when despite his wanting to he is not able to detach himself from his work. He brings home the office with him. His topics of discussions revolve around his work. Wife and children sulk but he is unaware as he is lost in some other world.

His work occupies his schedule. His family will try to find other avenues for diversion. Even then he does not stop them because he is physically with them yet thousands of miles apart from them. There is no separation from the work. He dreams about his progress and is frustrated by his competitors getting closer to him.

He puts a lot of trust in himself. He takes the things so seriously that after sometime even the trivial things become very serious in his scheme of things. He begins to take responsibilities solely upon himself spreading him too thinly.

After some years he becomes tired and burnt out. He smokes and sits alone in the smoke clouds. No friends with whom to share his mind and relieve his tension. The faculty of speech and converse with each other had been developed by the human beings during evolution to survive and evolve as social creatures.

Surely, it is good to be at top but at the same time don’t let oneself to be prey to loneliness. Loneliness is like an unseen demon which always hovers about in his office waiting for the right moment to seize him from behind. At the first opportunity it catches the victim.

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  1. Very true,He does not understand the truth that “you may love ur Organisation but time comes when it may not love you” Again Bhagwan Shrikrishna Comes to ur rescue Ma faleshu kadachana bas apna karm nishkam bhav se kiye ja usimen sachha sukh hai.

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