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Rain and Gloom

Excess of everything is bad and nature seems to do all the things in grandest manner. Weather patterns are changing everywhere and abnormal patterns are being observed.

Take for example, the rains in Mumbai. They are around for more than 3 months. Now we are well into September but still the rains are pestering. During the last 3 months, it has been playing havoc all around.

So much water have poured down from the skies on the earth. Sometimes, it seems impossible. But then nothing is impossible with God. The rain seems to fall with extreme force as if someone is squeezing the gigantic balloon filled with water and have very tiny openings. Whenever, I stand up and go near the windows, it is the same pattering of rain on the hard surface of road and on the leaves of trees.

Trees seem to enjoy the rains. Their foliage which became completely dusty in the summers and lost the sheen, is washed complete and lush green leaves have replaced the old ones. Foliage is becoming thicker. The rain drops cling to the leaves and look as if pearls are hanging from the leaves.

On the other hand, these incessant rains have become a source of tension to the ordinary people. Roads have been washed out and there are potholes the size of craters on the roads. It gives jitters to the travellers. Vehicles cringe and suffer the damage. The travelers also suffer.

Many develop backaches, neck pain and most dangerous of all the tension. Trains and buses run late and employees report late at work. One hour journey becomes two hours journey. Then there are diseases. Parents are worried about their children and are under stress till the children return safely.

It has been scientifically proved that people living in Asia who enjoy more sunshine suffer less depression than those living in Europe where it is always cloudy and looks gloomy. The Sun who is the prime force behind all the life on this planet is rarely seen these days. People feel imprisoned inside their homes. Feeling of claustrophobia takes over them. In these rainy days, nothing can be executed as per planning. You plan to go out for some work and find that it is raining torrentially and it is not possible to go out. You fret and feel utterly helpless.

In the end, the old nursery rhyme which alluded to different situation, comes to mind.

Rain rain go away, 
Come again another day, 
Little Johnny wants to play. 

Only change you can make is to substitute Little Johnny with everyone and play with all the activities they are supposed to carry out to lead a normal life!!

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