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Soaps on Indian TV Channels

There is a galore of soap operas on Indian TV channels. Prime time is hogged by women dominated serials and so called reality shows. The women shows are of Saas Bahu variety.

The reality shows are dance and singing competitions. The concerned families in the women operas are extraordinary kind and generally dominated by a matriarch who seems to run a kingdom according to laws which are extra constitutional. Their writ run large in the home as well as the village they live in. In fact, the whole village is under their mercy day and night.

At home, they have some spoiled brats through which they suppress the Bahus who like cows. But these poor women are clothed in the designer wear. Even the hair of the maids shine like the shampoo ads. These serials are so interminable that basic nature of many characters undergoes metamorphosis. Villains become angels and vice versa. Age cannot alter a speck of their face. You cannot tell the difference between a Bahu and Saas in appearance. If you watch these serials in mute you cannot make out who is senior in age. Even Saas looks hotter than Bahus.

The target audience is middle class women which don’t have much to do at home. They become hooked to the soaps. Many become so immured in the serials that begin to confuse between real life and reel life. Cable operators love these operas not because they watch them but because these ensure permanent customers.

These viewers discuss the operas and which turn the story is going to take in the next episodes with their friends on phones. This way phone service providers are also happy. These women watch the repeat telecasts of the serials which they missed at night due to overlapping of the broadcasting. You cannot dare to take the remote control from them while they are watching the television.

And who are the victims? No prizes for guessing the answer right. Men…………

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