Tumucumaque was the codename, Firexfox’s version 4 beta was been given. Actually, it is world’s largest tropical forest park. It is situated in Brazil in Amazon rain forests. It has been not been inhabited by humans. There are birds and animals which are exclusive to it only and are found no where else around the world.

In area it is even bigger than Belgium. It is adjacent to Guiana Amazonian park. Mozilla foundation is partnering with WWF in its efforts to conserve the National Park. The Amazon is a region of superlatives. It spans the borders of eight countries and one overseas territory, is the world’s largest river basin and the source of one-fifth of all free flowing fresh water on Earth. Its rain forests are the planet’s largest and most luxuriant, and home to—amazingly—one in ten known species on Earth.

Tumucumaque is the world’s largest tropical forest park and protects more than 9.5 million acres. While many of the forested areas of the Amazon are under threat from mining, deforestation, agriculture and illegal wildlife trade, Tumucumaque has become a sanctuary for iconic species like macaws, white-bellied caique parrots, harpy eagles, giant anteaters as well as the Amazonian cats: jaguars and pumas. It’s one of our world’s most important natural commons, where diversity flourishes and resilience abounds: just like the Mozilla community strives for every day when building a better web—our digital commons

The above description is partially from the introductory page about Firefox version 4 being named Tumucumaque. Mozilla foundation is doing praiseworthy work in providing free the better robust internet browser and other products. I have been using it since the day it was launched although for the first time had to use internet explorer for downloading it. Below are some pictures of fauna there.

I wish a very happy future for Mozilla foundation. There is a link about this.

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