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Daily in the page devoted to popular science in my newspaper, I read the funny and contradictory items.

One day, a study reports that mother’s love inoculates the children against the stress when they grow up. If this were true then in India, hardly any male will ever suffer from stress because mothers here are very dotting about their sons. Most of the tension will be burdened by females.

Other day, another study tells that the persons who are most loved by the mothers in during childhood will become too insecure as to face the stress with courage and boldness in the adulthood.

Some studies tell us that women enjoy sex around the age of thirty. Another study will make us believe that women become most naughty at the age of forty. Such funny stories one sees in the morning when already feeling frustrated at the spurning of their moves by their thirty or forty year old wives. it seems that such rubbish is available to the newspapers for free and helps in filling up the space.

Similarly, there are funny ads on TV. Here are some samples:

One such ad is done by an Indian actor for a face cream especially prepared for men to turn their face flawless by removing all the blemishes and making the skin fair. I don’t know how he had come to conclusion that an average Indian spends 12.5 minutes daily for combing their hair and 5 minutes daily on cleaning their teeth.

So Europeans do not need this cream but it also targets the weakness of most of Indians in urban areas to look fair. Africans do not seem to have any grudge against the God for having the dark color of their skin. If we believe the evolution theory, the body traits are acquired to adapt to the environment in which we dwell whether of our own will or forced by the circumstances. People in colder regions have more fat on their bodies because it protects the body from the severe cold.

The bodies of the African people are lean and long. This helps them to loose less minerals through perspiration. During early stages of the evolution, humans migrated from Africa to diverse places in search of food and easy climates and to avoid competition for resources at a single place. After thousands of years they acquired traits of personality so diverse that it became difficult to believe that they are children of same forefathers.

So please, let us be sensible and don’t be led astray by these fabricated researches.

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