October 18, 2020

Rediscovering the house sparrows 

They were so common that we hardly noticed them. They were the part of Punjabi folklore. For example, the unmarried girls were compared with them, saying that these girls are like sparrows chirping all day in the verandahs of their parents and will also fly away when married. Whole day, they will dart inside and out bringing semi dry grass stubble for construction of the nest. There was chirping all day. There was a mulberry tree in our courtyard where in the evening these birds rested in its cool and secure boughs. The cacophony in the evening would be ear… Read More »Rediscovering the house sparrows 


Daily in the page devoted to popular science in my newspaper, I read the funny and contradictory items. One day, a study reports that mother’s love inoculates the children against the stress when they grow up. If this were true then in India, hardly any male will ever suffer from stress because mothers here are very dotting about their sons. Most of the tension will be burdened by females. Other day, another study tells that the persons who are most loved by the mothers in during childhood will become too insecure as to face the stress with courage and boldness… Read More »Gags


Where are the clouds ? which agreed to become a messenger, and take the yearnings of Yaksha to his wife far away Where are the clouds ? which bring succor from scorching heat breath fresh life into the earth. The clouds which visit my house, cannot be those, when they pour, my cottage trembles and leaks, the floor becomes a pond and everyone in the home weeps.