Living Patterns

We, who live in cities, become tuned to comfortable life. We sleep without any worry. Security guards look after our homes when we are asleep. It is another matter that sometimes even they doze off jeopardizing our safety. We can immediately switch on the light if we require so.

In cities the demarcation between day and night becomes blurred. If we feel hot, we switch on the fans or air conditioners. Our women don’t have to blow the pipes for making the fire to cook food. Most of the women though don’t cook food or clean the home. There are maids in almost every urban homes. Under such conditions, the man become so lazy that they look towards the others in the room to turn a switch to light a tube light.

You move back and look towards the less blessed people especially those who live in shanties of the big cities. This is a class of population which is a absolute necessity for the urban population with good means.

All the work in the factories and households is done by these people. They live in the hovels like ants inside an anthill. There are no provisions for drinking water and sanitation. But yes they are provided with electricity because the televisions run on electricity and big sharks controlling the cable networks ensure that every house has cable network at home.

They don’t have any enjoyment except the intercourse with their spouses and cable television. Sometimes, they like to drink but good quality wine being too costly they resort to hooch which result in their death many a times.

When the news about these deaths appear in the papers than the more affluent comment that these poor people have not enough money to eat but can’t live without the wine. After all they also have desires and wish to live life like the affluent people may for a brief moments. There is no medical insurance. Life is very cheap for them. Birth and death are very busy in these areas. They are the regular visitors to this place.

Move on to rural areas. There is hardly any electricity. Water is drawn from the ponds and wells for drinking and bathing. People bath in the open. Male need no privacy and wearing only one underwear bath near the wells itself. Cattle herds also share the ponds for drinking water and bathing.

Toilets are open spaces and temporary, today here and tomorrow behind the another bush. Only good thing about the villages is less polluted air and open space to live in amidst the nature. These people are stronger because of the nature of hard work they have to do. Most of them are husbandman and others like carpenters, iron smiths and helping hands. Their food is mostly natural and locally produced.

There are certain places where the shepherds have to keep the cattle in a pen or enclosure fenced by thorny bushes to prevent the big cats from preying on the cattle. Their sleeping patterns are modified to be able to get up in case of slight noise of frightened cattle.

In this regard, Masai people are adapted themselves in such a manner that they are up from sleep without any time required for other people getting up from sleep to get normally awake.

Ranjit Singh

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