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October 17, 2020

Green Bee Eaters

I first noticed this beautiful bird sitting on the transmission wires passing over the wheat field. Due to green color, these looked like small parrots. Then we found it in many places in our neighborhood like over the water bodies and trees. This bird is called Green Bee Eater with its scientific name as “Merops orientalis” is an exquisite little bird with bright emerald green plumage. The wings are largely green, sometimes tinted with gold or reddish-brown, and have a black trailing edge. The bird is fairly gregarious and forages either alone or in small groups. From a perch on… Read More »Green Bee Eaters

More Pictures of Purple Sunbird 

These days, the calls of this bird are so common that they will compel you to take notice. Owing to the purple colour of the bird, despite its minuscule size, you can locate it hovering and sucking nectar from flowers. Female are very difficult to locate as they are not purple at all but olive colored. So here are few more pictures.

Living Patterns

We, who live in cities, become tuned to comfortable life. We sleep without any worry. Security guards look after our homes when we are asleep. It is another matter that sometimes even they doze off jeopardizing our safety. We can immediately switch on the light if we require so. In cities the demarcation between day and night becomes blurred. If we feel hot, we switch on the fans or air conditioners. Our women don’t have to blow the pipes for making the fire to cook food. Most of the women though don’t cook food or clean the home. There are… Read More »Living Patterns

Pointing Finger of the Sailor!

Invariably while on the morning walk, I look at the statute of Dr.Ambedkar, the founding father of India’s constitution. He is depicted wearing a suit and holding the book in the left hand close to his body. The finger of his right hand is shown pointing away. He is wearing spectacles. All these traits point out to his western education. He seems to trying to say something to his countrymen. He belonged to the downtrodden class of India. He fought for the uplift & social equality  of the downtrodden. He endeavored his whole life to do away the thousands of… Read More »Pointing Finger of the Sailor!

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