Day and Night

God after creating the world,
Sat and watched his creation
Like an artist who examines,
his painting from afar,
He then appointed
Two dyers 
One He called Day and
other He called Night,
Day has vats of countless dyes
and colored the world with them
Night only has one dye,
one dye called black.
He colors every thing black
While Day creates differences,
Creates distinctions,
Night dissolves the differences
Removes differences and distinctions

Ranjit Singh

I am working as a scientist in the India's premium E&P oil company. Besides the commitment to my job, I read lot of literature especially good fiction, history and science. I belong to Chandigarh and did my Masters in Chemistry from Panjab University Chandigarh specializing in physical chemistry. I am fond of surfing the internet for good articles, social networking and giving vent to writing for which I have aptly chosen the blog in Wordpress. Thanks

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