October 15, 2020

The Sparrows

I grew up in a village. In my childhood days, there were lush green fields around our village. The land was very fertile and only animal manure was used to boost the crops. Water for irrigation cameĀ  from the canals and a schedule for distribution of water according to the area of land a farmer had was fixed. We used to go to fields everyday after our school. We took many detours on our way to our field. In the summers, we took dip in the cool refreshing waters in the canals in which cattle also cooled themselves. We stole… Read More »The Sparrows

Shiv Kumar Batalvi: Master of Metaphor

In the Punjabi literature, the name of Shiv Kumar Batalvi stands out amongst the poets. He was the master of metaphor. He drew his metaphors from the rural life of Punjab, animals, birds, farming, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Guru Granth Sahib and the Patwaris and quarrels about the land. As with all gifted poets, he had keen eye to observe the life around him. This closeness to the soil may have been the due to of his father being the Land officer. His poetry expresses the anguish and helplessness of the downtrodden, oppression of the women in the male dominated society.  The… Read More »Shiv Kumar Batalvi: Master of Metaphor

Petrichor: The Sweet earthy smell caused by rain on the dry soil

When the first light rain falls on the parched soil surface after dry spell of weather, the soil releases an fragrant aroma which is like magic to humans. This magical aroma has been described by many writers. So much for the feeling and aroma. But what is actually happening to create this magic. Scientists have a explanation for it. Two Australian scientists in 1964 coined the term “PETRICHOR” for it. The word is made by shortening the two words “PETRA” meaning “ROCK” and “ICHOR” the fluid which flows in the veins of gods. In fact soil which is mainly clay… Read More »Petrichor: The Sweet earthy smell caused by rain on the dry soil