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October 12, 2020

God is a Child

O God, Sometimes, I think, You are a child, Who scatters the stars, Across the fields of sky, Then, one by one, gather them all, by morn and put them in a bag, Which shines forth and becomes Sun And you carry the bag, From East to West Never you seem tired or bored Never You seem to care What others think You are stoic You are eternal You are benevolent You never cease to surprise

Ten Worst Mistakes in History

Everyone makes mistakes but the following fatal mistakes caused huge losses to the individuals or companies. These mistakes are mostly of financial nature. These were published in the Economics Times of India. Here is the countdown No.1: Turning down J.K Rowling: 12 publishing houses rejected Harry Potter’s manuscript before Bloomsbury took her on the advice of company chairman daughter. Rowling has earned $ 1 billion till now No.2 Throwing away that Bitcoin portfolio: James Howells bought 7500 bitcoins in 2009 when their value was next to nothing. The stock value rose to $911 per Bitcoin in 2013 giving James Howells… Read More »Ten Worst Mistakes in History

Pandit Bhimsen Joshi

In Mahabharata, the longest epic, there were five brothers who were jointly called Pandavas. They represented the quintessential goodness and were the main players in the epic pitted against the Kauravas whose eldest brother Duryodhana hated them intensely and it was family feud which ended in the elimination of so many glorious persons. Each of five brothers has some unique quality. Bhimsen is said to have immense power and strength. Any person possessing the extraordinary strength is compared to Bhim. Then in India was a classical singer who was not only Bhimsen by name and but by his genius also.… Read More »Pandit Bhimsen Joshi

Life and Death

What is life after all. Yesterday, in the night, around 9 O’clock, while returning from the club, I saw the dog lying on the grass by the side of the road. Its body was writhing in convulsions; froth was issuing from its mouth. It was dying and its mental faculties had lost all reasoning. Its mates were sitting melancholy by its side nearby. They were silent. Only, yesterday it was alive, today it is leaving this world. May be someone has beaten it mercilessly. Nobody cares much about street dogs. Yesterday, it was fighting for food with other dogs. Animals… Read More »Life and Death

Gems From Catch-22

Catch-22 is a novel that is widely acclaimed as a master piece  by Joseph Heller. The story is set in Pianosa, Italy and the period is second world war. It highlights the plight of men of US army and air force sent there to take part in the war. It ridicules the working style of bureaucracy in the army where no logical thing happens. Heller himself was a pilot in the second war in that theater and has closely observed the war and the working of government machinery. In a nutshell it highlights the absurdity of the war and its… Read More »Gems From Catch-22

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