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Rupa Ganguly: The Multifaceted Artist

We know her as Draupadi, the stellar role she played in the epic series “Mahabharata” made by Doordarshan India. That was the role which has many shades of positive and negative. Draupadi was a complex woman who was the wife to five Pandava brothers.

Legend had it that she wanted a complete man like Narayana as her husband. But in the mortal world, such a person was impossible to exist. So God gave her five husbands who had been endowed with limited qualities. Combined they became a person very near to what is wanted to be her husband.

She had travails also and became the pawn in the quarrel between two cousin families. She was ogled by many lecherous kings and was rescued from their vices by Bhima who loved her more than all the brothers, although it was another matter that she liked Arjuna most. She was pawned by her mighty husbands in the game of dice among the hostile cousins. They lost her to Kauravas, who insulted her in the presence of elders. She then vowed and plotted to take revenge.

Rupa Ganguly

So this difficult role was performed by Rupa Ganguly who was just 21 years old at the time. After that, she acted in some Bengali films. She also worked in a TV serial Krishankali which was based on the novel of same name by famous Hindi writer Shivani. After that she also appeared in many TV soaps.

But now her another talent has been revealed. She is a singer. That she is a very good singer is attested by the Best Singer award she bagged for lending her voice to two Rabindra songs in the movie “Abosheshe” released in 2011. In addition to this she has sung an album of 10 songs. It is called “Anek Diyechho Nath”.

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