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Photos Taken During Wanderings

Nature never ceases to surprise us. Most of the times it is benevolent and spreads its unlimited vistas before us. We see its different forms in hills, mountains, rivers, gorges, woods birds singing in them. Even the prospect changes with change in weather. The lush green hills during the rainy season turn into drab dry scenery in the summer. Once I asked my wife while we were roaming in car in the beautiful surroundings of Konkan hills and I tried to give her my camera and asked her to take few photographs. She being no enthusiast of nature, not directly turning out my request, try to tell me that you have taken the photos here many times. No I wanted to tell her that though the location is same but scene is different. The nature has dressed the area in different garbs.

So, if you are interested, you can never get bored in the same surroundings. Something or the other will be offered by the nature as novelty. I went for a drive through the villages near my colony. Scenery is always very beautiful. There are craggy hills. Roads pass through them and suddenly the view is lost due to a sharp turn. Here are some pictures.

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