Inauguration of Monorail in Mumbai

Mumbai has become densely populated that the existing transport system is under immense pressure. City housing is too costly and majority of its work force live in the outside towns off the main island. So they have to travel long distances each day to come to the city. Local trains do the major job and at the peak hours each rake is groaning under the passengers four to five times the sitting capacity. It is the tough all the time.

Now monorail has started functioning between Wadala and Chembur and is proposed to be up to South Mumbai. First leg commenced on 2nd Jan 2014.

Mumbai people were all excited. Over 20000 enjoyed the ride. There were long lines on the counters for tickets. Being Sunday also added to the crowds.

Aiming for an entry into the Limca Book of Records, singer Abhishek Chopra has been the first person to be on every new infrastructural project launched in the city recently, be it the Milan flyover, the Eastern freeway, the Worli sea link etc.

He was at the Wadala depot by 5 am and the first one to buy a ticket. “I want to be a witness to every new step in the city. ”

From the Chembur end, it was veterinarian Dr Swali S G, 78, whose clientele includes the Ambanis’ dogs, who bagged the first ticket. “If I don’t do such things now, when else will I do them?” he said, proudly displaying his ticket. However, the coveted position of Monorail’s first commute is under dispute, with several passengers claiming they were first.

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