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What will I say to Him?

What answer shall I gave Him when he will ask me to explain about my thumb? How will I face Him?. I am sure I will stand before Him with downcast eyes. I am aware He knows everything and I hope He will ignore, but He may not.

He can say that I had sent you as a complete entity and there you have not cared for what I gave you and lost some of the limbs. I am a part of Him and onus is on me to care for what I had. I am only a custodian of His fraction.

Here, I give many explanations which cannot stand the critical scrutiny. About the acquitenances I know their attitude. They are not really so much worried and enquire only for the sake of their social duty.

But before Him, nothing can be hidden. So I will surrender and ask for the forgiveness. He is the father of us all. May be He will put it right , right here in this nether world itself, before I shall report to Him.

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