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Gohana’s Jumbo Jalebis

India is a country of vast diversities. People from different regions have come and settled here from time immemorial. They brought with them their cuisines.

As they settled here and generations passed, sense of belonging to this land pervaded. This mingling of the different elements of different cultures gave rise to fusions.

Over the time, some areas developed their unique specialties in the some corners of streets of even small towns which became a hallmark.

Many such specialties particularly at small town may not be known due to lack of communication as available in the cities and big towns. You must have heard about some such shops in cities and towns across India. They’re written about often.

One such specialty is Jalebis from a town called Gohana in Sonepat district of Haryana. Some 62 years back, Haryana’s Gohana qasbah pioneered jumbo-sized jalebis.

The Gohana shop is still known by its famous offering, Matu Ram ki jalebi that weighs 250 gm each. Matu started selling these giant jalebis in 1958 at Re 1 per piece. Prepared in pure desi ghee, the jalebi stays fresh for 15 days. Now, with special packs of 10 and 20 kg available. 

The Jalebis are prepared using Pure Desi Ghee for which Haryana is famous. They don’t add any artificial coloring. And 250 grams for 1 piece and sturdy and hard working village folks used to eat 4 or more in one go. These Jalebis remain fresh up to 20 days.

The present owner, grandson of Mathu Ram, comments that these days four people eat 1 jalebi because of their sedantary lifestyle and health consciousness.

Not only are these Jalebis popular with the masses, even with leaders and rich people. The former Deputy Prime Minister Devi Lal was very fond of the delicacy and would get them packed for self and family whenever he passed by the shop.

In Haryana jalebis are distributed in political rallies. For this the rally organisers order these Jalebis in advance. The police personnel who come from other places for duty purchase the sweets to avoid the last minute rush.

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