October 3, 2020


Sometimes there are compulsions which make a person to do what he or she never have done normally. He or she does it for the sake and survival of the dependents. Mostly, in our society, the victim is a woman. This is about a woman who is married and has two children. She and her husband are migrants here. And you know how the migrants live in insecurity and fear. These days there is no dearth of trouble makers and issues of expelling the outsiders raise their heads time and again. So, the poor have to live the life of… Read More »Liaison

What is in a Name?

It is said that a person feels elated when you remember his or her name and call that person by the name. Even the Shakespeare said hundreds of years ago “What is in a name?” A rose smells the same by any other name”.  But think of this peculiar situation in the Village Guanlli of Kopal district of Karnataka. Every male is called Gyanappa and every female as Gyanavva. If you give the shout Gyanappa, you can imagine how everyone in the listening distance will respond. Identity is created by prefixing with certain words. Elders are called Dodda and kids… Read More »What is in a Name?

After Amaltas it is the turn of Gulmohars

Though golden blooms on Amaltas (cassia fistula) trees have begun to fade, they are still hanging there. The flowers are loosing their hue steadily and once where only flowers were hanging all over the trees, thick green foliage has begun to appear on the trees. Perhaps, they are feeling too much heat and are unable to withstand it and are withering away. I have pictures of them when they were in full glory. Below is the one. So, you can see the beauty of the nature, expressed in the golden flowers of Amaltas tree. But alas! now it is almost… Read More »After Amaltas it is the turn of Gulmohars

Gohana’s Jumbo Jalebis

India is a country of vast diversities. People from different regions have come and settled here from time immemorial. They brought with them their cuisines. As they settled here and generations passed, sense of belonging to this land pervaded. This mingling of the different elements of different cultures gave rise to fusions. Over the time, some areas developed their unique specialties in the some corners of streets of even small towns which became a hallmark. Many such specialties particularly at small town may not be known due to lack of communication as available in the cities and big towns. You… Read More »Gohana’s Jumbo Jalebis