Sasural Genda Phool

Sasural Genda Phool is a very popular song from the movie Delhi-6. Actually the song is adapted on the Dadaria folk of Chhatisgarh state of India.  While rest of  the songs of the film has been written by Prasoon Joshi, Rehman and actor Raghuvir Yadav searched for the folk song for the movie in addition to the other songs. Rajat Dholakia is credited along with A.R. Rehman for introducing the song in Hindi movie.

Raghuvir Yadav belongs to that area and must have been familiar with the folk songs of the area. The origin of the song has been traced to the writer late Gangaram Shivaare and sung by Bulavaram Yaadav. Later on three Joshi sisters Ramadutt, Rekha & Prabhadutt Joshi sung this song first time in Raipur which is now the capital of Chhatisgarh and the name features in the end of the song. The song is very popular song sung in the local marriages.

Chattisgarh being the tribal area, where innocent people are wedded to nature and are till now insulated from the industrialization and modernization may not be even aware that their song has been adapted in Bollywood.  They care it least because the folks are constantly being modified to newer and newer music. Only the writer who has modified it should give due credit to the original writer.

Incidentally, a program called “Dadaria” recorded many years back is available with Doordarshan of India and I have myself watched that program a few days back on DD Bharati. One of the female singers featuring in that program was humming this song. And think this program must have been recorded by Doordarshan much earlier than the movie was made.

In the book “Encyclopedia of Literature” , the author Mr. Joseph T. Shipley, states that in Dadaria songs emphasis is on the rhyme and in their effort to stick to matching the second line to the first line, sometimes words not exactly relating to the meaning of first line are substituted and it results in the songs becoming somewhat cheap and facile though their music quality is very good. May be the song “Sasural Genda Phool” which compares the in-laws household of a girl to an marigold flower was substituted extempore.

Many other interpretations are available. For example traditionally in India, the girls are treated badly by their mother-in-laws, and sister-in-laws titter when the mother-in-laws are rebuking the girl, the brother-in-laws, if younger in age to her husband, tease her, in a language couched with sexual expletives. So this means that they represent an assortment of characters like numerous flowers within the flower of marigold. The girl is dependent on her husband for the succor who is often in such families mostly afraid of his mother and often takes the side of her mother. This way if he is emotional, his life will be made miserable by his mother and wife. He will be like the grain being crushed between the two stones of a mill.

Ranjit Singh

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  1. kunaal sinha says:

    mr ranjit singh, interesting write up. it is a fact that that this is a traditonal folk song and like many folk songs has found a larger audience via the hindi film song platform- much like rang barse and many others. the folk tune is the basis and ar rehman has embelished and modernized it with rajat dholakia and prasoon joshi has rewritten the lyrics to make it more understandable and reach out to more people . what is nice is that joshi has not claimed any credit for it. delhi 6 happens to be one of my top rated albums and in fact the album cover is in front of me as i write this message and you will be happy to know that there is no credit claimed by joshi at all. sometimes controversies and untruth gain more attention than fact. I have no qualms in admitting that i am an admirer of Prasoon Joshi’s genre of work he is writing some excelllent songs and has brought back quality and thought in the indian film song.he is an orgiginal and his work stands apart. so a small mail in his rather his work’s defence. just so that there is no flase impressions floating around about the few writers and artists who are genuinely talented rare.

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