September 15, 2020

What is Maya?

I am sure that people in the West might have heard the word Maya. In the Hindu mythology, Universe or the Maya is the dream of Hindu God Brahma which he dreams. Then, there was Narada his son, who was a very erudite sage. With his intelligence, he impressed so many Gods and they often discussed their problems with him and used his services as a messenger for communicating with each other because one of them may be in Himalayas while another in the down South. One day Brahma called upon Narada and offered him a single wish. The Narada… Read More »What is Maya?

The life is slipping like sand through palms

The hour glass shows the sand slowly slipping from the upper globe through a narrow passage to the lower globe. Various devices to mimic the passage of time. You can always flip the hour glass and the cycle can restart. But that is not so with the real life. The hour glass of the real life cannot be flipped. Whatever has passed the passage cannot be reloaded in the upper globe. The life now is slipping like the sand through the sands: freely flowing. It never relents for a moment and every bit of the allotted hours are leaking away.… Read More »The life is slipping like sand through palms

Frog & Scorpion Retold

Although it is often contested that the fable is attributed to Aesop. Whatever may be real source, the story is about a frog and scorpion. The lesson it tries to convey is that basic nature of a person remains unaltered however one expects to the contrary. The scorpion needs to cross the river to go to other side but we know it does not know how to swim and is in great problem and looking for help. He chances upon a frog and begs him to give him the lift on its back and swim across the river. Surely, the… Read More »Frog & Scorpion Retold