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Rock Garden in Chandigarh

World famous Rock Garden is located in Chandigarh. Chandigarh is the joint capital of Punjab and Haryana. As such the Chandigarh is called City Beautiful because it is a planned city based on modular units called sectors. Every sector is a complete city in itself with a market, milk supply centers, dispensaries and schools.

Then there are some sectors which are commercial sectors having big stores, cinemas and offices. On one end of the city in a row are Sukhna Lake, Rock Garden, Legislative Assembly and Secretariat which incidentally is biggest building in the city and houses the offices of Punjab Government.

Rock garden is a unique creation. It was designed by Nek Chand who was an engineer in public welfare department of the Chandigarh. The area where the garden is located was a forest of thorny trees and was used to dump the waste materials like tubelights, bangles and other broken articles like cups and plates collected as garbage from the homes. It was piling up there. We have some photos from the garden.

Nek Chand, being a man of few words, used to sit there contemplating alone. After days of thinking, he decided to turn all the waste into garden with figures made from the broken elements and create magic out of the waste materials. He created scenes from the rural culture of Punjab like marriage parties, well to draw water with a bucket and rope moving on a pulley, drunk men and girls on the swings. There is a water rivulet which runs along most skewed paths like falling from a high point then running along the pathways.

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