The Movie Paa and Real Life Similarities

Movie Paa in which Amitabh Bachchan played the character of a person who is suffering from the disease progeria in which the brain of a person develops normally but the body refuses to grow. The diseases can attack a person in the childhood itself. Because of this, a seventy year person looks like a child.

A Scene from Movie Paa

The movie itself was inspired from the Hollywood flick “The curious case of Benjamin Button” in which the role was played brilliantly by Brad Pitt. The went on to win Oscar in 2008 for art direction, makeup and visual effects. Pitt played a 50 years old character.

A scene from Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The movies are inspired by good books or some real life incidents which are spun into a screenplay by mixing the reality with imagination by a creative writer. Life of some patients also inspires many stories.

In some portions of the story of movie Paa, a real life incident seems to resemble. Take the case of Salman Taseer, the former Governor of Punjab in Pakistan who was a liberal sort of man and payed the price of being so by his life. His own bodyguard assassinated him by emptying all the bullets from his weapon. It was a assassination harking back the memories of assassination of Indira Gandhi. Many religious bigots and militants in Pakistan are completely intolerant towards any liberalism. In this case, his fault was to condone a foreigner woman for blasphemy. After surrendering, the bodyguard declared that he hated the Governor for being a liberal.

Anyway, the Governor Tasser was from a very well to do family. His mother was a Britisher who sent him to Britain for education. He was a successful businessman. And then there is a very renowned journalist in India whose name is Tavleen Singh. She covered many events in the subcontinent and during one of these assignments she met the Tasser and both fell for each other. A male child was born out of this love. But she is living here in India with her son and he in Pakistan. The the boy has grown into a man and has never met his father. He once wrote a letter to his father in his childhood in which he expressed his desire to meet his father and handed over this letter to his mother and beseeched her to give this letter to his father when she goes to Pakistan. She only promised that if by chance she happens to meet Taseer, she will hand over the letter but she cannot give any assurance whether he will agree to meet his son. Taseer did get the letter, read it and promised to fulfill the desire of his son but never did. You can imagine the condition of the son.

Similarities are there in these real life and reel life stories. In both a son is born to women without wedlock. In both the ambitious fathers abandon their sons. But Taseer’s son fortunately does not suffer from any physical disease but mentally he must be very lonely and sad.

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