September 8, 2020

Golden Flowers: Amaltas

Amaltas is a tree which blooms during the onset of summer. It is called Cassia Fistula in the botanical language. The trees hardly bear any leaves when the plant flowers. From the skeletons of the branches hang the beautiful bunches of golden colored flowers. Before becoming the full fledged flowers, the buds are like “Ghungroos” of gold. Normally maximum flowers are seen in the spring season when the winter is slowly receding giving way to the most pleasant season of spring which transits to the hot weather. In fact with each passing day, the heat is building up and vegetation… Read More »Golden Flowers: Amaltas

Yellama or Renuka: Victim of Unjust Curse

In the Hindu mythology, we hear about many sages endowed with supernatural powers, who had used these powers for the destruction of women over very flimsy reasons. May be the customs and culture was such that men prevailed over women when it came to equality. One such story concerns Renuka or Yellamma who was cursed by her husband, sage Jamadagni. Her only fault was that she thought about having sensual pleasure after coming across a couple having the carnal pleasure in a jungle!! Sage Jamadagni lived in a cottage in woods with his wife Yellamma and five sons, the youngest… Read More »Yellama or Renuka: Victim of Unjust Curse

You cannot forget certain memories

There are certain memories which are very dear to us but at the same time very painful. You feel like weeping and helpless remembering them. Sometimes, you try to bury these memories in the ocean of subconscious mind by tying the stones of helplessness around their neck. But no sooner you think you have done this, both the memories as well as the helplessness gets separated and float up. These are no ordinary stones. They are like the ones which Lord Rama floated on the Indian ocean to reach Sri Lanka. Interestingly the person who is the subject of these… Read More »You cannot forget certain memories

What is Peace?

It has been days I have felt peace and tranquility of mind. In fact it seems that I am living in a state oblivious of my state of mind. Neither do I ever feel that I am calm, neither do I feel very much excited. What is peace after all? Some say it is the state of mind when your body is in agreement with mind. There is no struggle between two. They seem to merge into one another. In the turbulent state of mind, mind it seems is detached from the body and hovers outside. Body and mind are… Read More »What is Peace?