September 7, 2020

Some Birds of Prey

There are so much diversity in the birds. They differ in size, color, feeding habits. Many birds have adapted themselves to live in different climates and habitats. Such birds are found almost in all corners of the globe. But there are certain birds which are specific to specific habitats. One category of the birds is called birds of prey or raptors. They hunt the smaller birds for their food. They have keen eyesight, strong talons and beaks. They can take smaller birds in flight, sitting . Some specialise in catching fish and snakes , lizards and squirrels. Some even survive… Read More »Some Birds of Prey

Dawn and Dusk

Dawn and dusk are the times when the day and the night lose their individualities and melt into one another. If a person has been in sleep and just rises up at dusk or dawn, it will be difficult for him to tell whether it is dawn or dusk. From the womb of dawn, day is born and from the womb of dusk night is born. This happens with an uncanny rotations. Other things like climate can change and show anomalous behavior but not the day and night. Day and night are events which are chasing one another but never… Read More »Dawn and Dusk


His mind is full of ideas. Ideas are marching in his mind in a haphazard manner. His mind has become like a pond in which ideas are roaming like fishes and other aquatic animals. They are going any which way. The collide with each other and jostle with each other for space. As the brain size cannot increase to accommodate, the garbage of ideas is collecting and plans are filling up fast like the advance booking in a cinema for an expected grand movie. Utter chaos rage in his head. And he becomes confused. When will there be a digging… Read More »Confusion