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There is a time which was made by the God. There are even arguments that it existed even before God. This eternal time is like a river which always flow with same constancy. And which never dries up, in which there are no ripples, no high or low tides. There does not exist any moon which can cause it to have tides. In fact nothing can change its tranquility. It flows unmindful. It never ceases to flow. There is never ever any change in its flow. So this is the time of the God. This is the basic time. If we represent it in the Cartesian two dimensional space, it shall be represented by a straight line wavering not even by microns.

But for us humans, time takes on very different meanings. Our time has tides, floods or droughts. It even flows at different rates. It fluctuates. When we are having happiness and enjoyment, it seems to be flying fast. On the other hand, when we are passing through rough patches, time seems to stand still.

The best human being is he who tries to minimize these troughs and crests from his time to bring it in harmony with time of God. If we are able to do it then we are closer to nature, or God or whatever we call it .

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