September 1, 2020

Whom shall you call the Greatest?

It is awe inspiring even to think how the thought process in the humans evolved. At the stage of evolution we are now, it all seems so easy to speak, read and recall the past. In the very beginning when speech was not evolved, it must had been a hell difficult for the homo sapiens to communicate. Similarly, when hunting must had become very tiring and unsuccessful, and they were hungry, they must have tried to eat some leaves or fruits with many of them with fatal results. But they were keeping track of the events and learning to discriminate… Read More »Whom shall you call the Greatest?

Fugu: A Fish Delicacy to Die For

Man always desires delicacies in every sphere of life. It is a passion of mankind to search for delicacies and for this adventure, it is ready to take risks that can cost the life. After all, it must have been a matter of hit and trial for the early man to discover what is edible or what is not. The taste of eating is uppermost in humans and this has led to myriad varieties of culinary arts and methods. In this category is a fish called  “Fugu”, which is delicacy is Japan. It is very costly and but at the… Read More »Fugu: A Fish Delicacy to Die For