Mahseer Fish: The Tiger in Water

Mahseer is a fish belonging to carp family. It is found in the shimmering freshwater of Himalayan rivers especially Jhelum. Kashmiris prize this fish. Since Pakistan constructed Mangla Dam on the river in 1967, it became almost extinct on Indian side of the border.

Scientific name of Mahseer is Tor. The name is composite of two words Mahi which means Fish and Sher meaning Tiger. It is a huge fish with size going up to 9 feet and weight more than 50 kilograms. It has a great strength and is very difficult to get hold on to. That is why it got the moniker “tiger in the water“. Incidentally, the Kashmiri brahmins are non-vegetarians as opposed to their counterparts elsewhere in the country. Meat is the main ingredient of their diet.

For more information on fishes fond in Western Indian rivers, please visit the site “Golden Mahseer

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