Baya Weaver

By | August 29, 2020

Birds make nests not to live in but lay eggs and start the next generation. Nests are of wide sizes and shapes, ordinary but practical and ornate type. But the nest of Baya Weaver bird is a work of great craftsmanship. It is the males which exclusively make the nests. The nest making happens at the height of summers in India.

Finished Nest has two doors but there is a catch. When the nest reaches the stage when the vertical door is to start, male bird invites the female who inspects the work. If she likes it and agrees to move in for making a pair for eggs and chicks and next generation. If she reject it, the dejected male dismantles the entire work. It then begins to weave another nest.

A Baya Weaver is estimated to make more than 500 trips for bring the grass stalks for nest building. The nests are made on the trees like acacia and other thorny trees to ward off the predators. They are generally on the trees which are near the water bodies.

Some pictures

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