We all are slaves of desires. We are ready to do anything to fulfill them. The desires are the root cause of all our banes. There is an endless list of desires with everyone of us. Some common ones are money, comforts, good health, well being of children, easy life in office with a large work output to effort ratio.

We go to temples, gurudwaras, Masjids, Churches, Synagogues, Dargahs for getting blessings. We always pester the Gods there to fulfill our desires. Hardly one desire is fulfilled when the other starts. The list does not diminish.

But as we all are aware that resources in the world are limited. So everyone cannot hope to fulfill his desires. This causes the heart burning, depression, ill health and all the troubles. He sees to it and tries his best that others also do not get their desires fulfilled.

Only one in millions goes to God for getting a freedom from his desires. That man becomes Mahapurush (the blessed person), above the materialistic pleasures. He becomes Mohammad, Nanak, Jesus and the like.