August 17, 2020

Andaman Padauk Tree

My first encounter with this beautiful tree was in the Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary in Meleng Assam in February 2007. The place is situated in the Jorhat district of Assam and about 30 kilometers from Jorhat town. There are tea gardens of the interminable area that seem to spread like a baize colored carpets miles and miles. After reaching there, we were escorted by an NGO guide- a Nepali boy to guide us through the jungle. He was very courteous and was very enthusiastic to show us many beautiful trees, vines, flora, and fauna. He showed us a python that was… Read More »Andaman Padauk Tree

Boat Makers of Assam

In the modern world everywhere, the industrial revolution is ushering automation in every field: be it a automobile, telephone, airplane, home gadgets. Traditional hand makers are in trouble if they don’t adapt themselves to these changes. Automation means mass production of items. Mass production or assembly line production of the articles or gadgets is like asexual reproduction where the product items are almost identical to each other and there is very small degree of error usually in parts per million. Mass production through assembly produces monotonous items. On the other hand, man-made products reflect the personality of the creator and… Read More »Boat Makers of Assam