Pink Grasshopper

There is a river near my home. It is a seasonal river and has a large dry bed which is full of pebbles and sand. Many birds lay their eggs in the nests made on the soil. I generally go for a walk and to take pictures there. Today while I was walking alongside the pebbles, I noticed a pink-colored pebble.

On close inspection, it turned out to be a pink Grasshopper which is very rare. Usually, the Grasshoppers are green to match the grass background for camouflage which gives them safety against predators.

But this one was of Pink Colour. It was also trying to use camouflage by sitting in the pebbles especially pink ones. It is an unusual and little-understood genetic mutation caused by a recessive gene similar to the one which affects albino animals. This mutation results in one of two things happening or even a combination of the two; a reduction or even absence of the normal pigment and/or the excessive production of other pigments, in this case, red which results in pink morphs. Such a morph is exposed to predators and rarely achieve adulthood.

It is quite rare as is evident from some spottings. Like the following link

A Rare Pink Grasshopper Has Been Spotted In The UK

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