Indian Bullfrogs

Indian bullfrog is a large species of frogs. It is inhabitant of mainland Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nepal. It scientific name is Hoplobatrachus tigerinus. It is also known by the names Indus Valley bullfrog or Indian bullfrog, popular name Asian bullfrogAsean bullfrog or Asia bullfrog,

Here in our area of North India, when the pre-monsoon rains come, the water after quenching the thirst of the parched soil, makes poodles in the troughs. God only knows from where these big frog come. Their croaking fills the air. When they croak their two bulbs swell and contract. They usually fight among themselves for female partners.

Yesterday got to see some spectacular view of them in a small pool near my village. Took many photos. Presenting them for you.

Indian bullfrog by Ranjit
Mating : Pic by Ranjit

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