Who is a lemming ?

We say a person is a lemming if he follows blindly the majority even if it is following a wrong path. Thus by being a lemming, a person abandons his own thinking. In the modern anxiety ridden world, individual stops listening to his own heart and follows the mass thinking.”

What are the Lemmings?

Lemmings are a variety of rodents found in Arctic areas. There are many myths about these animals.

Why this phrase?

There are so many myths about these animals. One observation is that their population fluctuates every three four years.

When the population explodes, the food becomes short. These then migrate en masse to another place in search of food.

Mass Suicide Myth

These animals can swim and may fall from cliffs when moving in great hordes causing some of them to die by accident. But it was thought they commit suicide.

There was another myth that these animals rained down from the skies in great numbers.

The suicide myth endures even today thanks to a Walt Disney documentary on flora and fauna of arctic White Wilderness of 1958. In this movie through a trick or fraud some lemmings were placed on a turntable before camera to create the effect of horde. After this they were pushed over a cliff as if they were jumping to their death by leaping. This will be surely taken as a animal cruelty case but at that time people believed. The movie won many awards like Academy award for best documentary and Golden Bear.

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