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Purple Sunbirds: Wonderful Creation of Nature

From the time of the year when winter starts fading away here in the North India, plenty of plants and trees begin blossoming scattering the landscape with vivid colours. The pollens and nectars attract bees and birds alike. Everyone is in win win situation. Plants and trees lure the bees and birds with nutrition of pollen and nectar and in the process they utilize this process for cross pollination which is essential for robust seeds.

During these days, one bird which attracts your attention is Purple Sunbird. Males are in there full glory as they are in their breeding plumage. They are hovering over the flowers in search of collecting the nectar which is their major diet these days although they also catch insects to make up for their protein requirements.

They are very tiny in size and very active. They almost never sit still. Taking their pictures is an task which demands patience. Here are some pictures by me.


What was there in the beginning ?

In the Beginning there was nothing………

Man came into this world after so many living beings. From aquatic life an odd animal slithered onto the adjacent soil. Amphibians were born. Then chance gave some to evolve and mutate into purely land dwellers. The some species looked to the skies and slowly evloved into the birds.

Amongst the land dwellers there must be some physically weaker which learned to climb trees because the trees provided safety from animals on the land. At last humans ancestors evolved and then homosapiens. In the beginning it was only an animal thing and requirements: Safety from predators and food for survival. After eons, we came to the stage of becoming agriculturists. This made it possible to stay put at one place and pursue some other activities like tool carving in the leisure time.

At first there was vast flat land with nothing on it. Nothing….Privacy, curiosity, uncertainty…..Nothing. A person standing at any place in it had no problem in locating the others. Nothing was hidden, everything was obvious. Then groups of people began to form and created walls. Privacy was created. what they thought was not to be shared with others was behind the walls. Now each group became curious and wanted to know what the others were doing being as careful as possible not to expose themselves. Curiosity was born. Walls obliterated the clear view and roads and paths were created. Uncertainty was born. At the blind corners they unexpectedly ran into groups they wanted to avoid. Fear was born. Can I go on like this forever? ….