May 1, 2020

What does “Dog Days” means?

A movie called “Dog Days Afternoon ” starring Al Pacino in lead role was released in 1975. It is about a bank heist which doesn’t go as planned. What does the phrase mean? Dictionary defines it as very hot days during July and August. It means it refers to the bad patch in life of a person. It doesn’t have to do anything to the dogs. It refers to the Dog Star or Sirius which is the shiniest and largest star in the Canister Major constellation. During these hot months it adds to the heat from sun as it is… Read More »What does “Dog Days” means?

World’s Biggest Hockey Stick

Recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records is a hockey stick 205 feet in length weighing a staggering 28118 kgs. It got this recognition in 2008. It was built in 1985. After taking part in an EXPO in Vancouver it was dedicated to Cowichan Community Centre in 1988. It is 40 times the actual hockey length. It’s Shaft and blade is made in sections with steel reinforcing Douglas Fir beams.