February 1, 2020

Hiding Emotions

Different people possess different degrees of the art of hiding their emotions from others. Many are so much capable in this activity that their faces seem to be like the surface of sea when it is calm: serene and friendly. Yet underneath so many currents and eddies are present: undercurrents . But there is limit to this and sometimes these undercurrents of the suppressed emotions become so powerful that real feelings about others come to surface and even surprise and embarrass their owner.

Some Birds Under Threatened Category

Due to the rapid urbanisation the habitats of many animals and birds have come under threat of being decimated. Human beings are interfering with the way the nature works. Deforestation is on the rise. At many places in the world, the forests are being converted into agricultural land. Another reason is the harmful chemicals present in the medicines. This is nowhere more evident as in the drastic reduction in the population of many Vultures and eagles. Some Vultures like Griffons and Cinereous Vultures and eagles like Steppe eagles at one state came almost to the stage of becoming extinct. The… Read More »Some Birds Under Threatened Category