Kingfisher: Colourful Bird

Although kingfishers are found in many hues and colours, I will present the pictures of the variety found here in North India.

Kingfisher is a colourful bird with plume having different colors on different sides of its body. For example, the feathers on the back are bluish and in front the chest part is white and rest is red colour.

It is found perched on tree branches, overhead wires and poles near the water bodies. Mostly it feeds on the water creatures mostly fishes as its name suggests. But it also feed on the small insects, and rats.

For catching fish, it hovers on water till the catch is within striking range. It then dives very fast and comes out with catch in its long red beak.

It biological name is alcedo atthis.

The photos were taken with Canon Powershot SX 60 hs model.

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