Brown Rock Chat

Everyday while sitting in the balcony of my flat, I see this bird in the playground below. They don’t sit idle for long at one place. They suddenly dive to ground, catch some insect and fly to roost on the top of poles, basketball board or on the wire net along the boundary.

While sitting, they usually lift their head and wag their tails. Sometimes they sit in the bushes from where they swoop to grass to catch the insects.

The common name of this bird is Brown Rock Chat and the scientific is Cercomela fusca. It belongs to the category of Flycatchers, Chats. It is usually 17 centimeters long.

It is usually found in pairs, around ruins, dusty villages, rocky hillsides; often approaches close; tame and confiding; captures insects on ground; rather aggressive when breeding. It’s habitat in India is North India and to South till Narbada river and to east up to Bihar and Bengal.

They are reported to possess a wide variety of calls. As many as eight type of calls have been recorded. These include territory call, alarming call, threat call, begging call, contact call, distress call.

Although, they don’t sit still for long, I managed to take many pictures over many days. Here are some of these.













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