February 2015

Cattle and Cattle Egrets

Cattle egrets generally live near the water bodies and in the meadows where cattle come for grazing. There is vacant piece of land in our home which is used by cattle mostly buffaloes for grazing. There are small pools of stagnant water in it. In the neighbourhood are fields which are cultivated round the year.  Here you can spot plenty of white Cattle Egrets. They seem to be meditating standing on one leg. At times they are completely inactive. But as soon as the cattle come for grazing, they become active. They fly from their posts and land near the… Read More »Cattle and Cattle Egrets


Dove is the symbol of peace. It is a very gentle bird. Although it resembles pigeon but unlike pigeons, it lives in the wild. During hot summer days here in North india, you can hear its voice among the trees. It comes down to search the seeds and prefers to sit on the branches of trees with sparse foliage. I located some of these sitting on one tree and using the newly purchased Canon SX60 hs camera, zoomed on them. Very difficult to still the hand during zoom but somehow managed to capture these pics. Hope you will like them.