Darkness below the Lamp

Chandigarh is a planned city with beautiful vertical roads lined with flowering trees. The roads which cut across perpendicularly the road called madhya marg ( middle path) seem to be entering into the lap of Shivalik hills. There are numerous sight seeing places like Rock Garden, Rose Garden, Lake, University Campus etc that lend to the beauty of the city.

When you enter the city from Punjab Side the hoarding above the border proclaims “Welcome to the city beautiful”. Plan of the city forbids the additional housing construction. As such, the city does not have any industries of significance. Only recently, one information technology park has come up.

Chandigarh is also uniques in the sense it serves as the capital of Punjab and Haryana besides being the union territory. It has the satellite villages under its administration. Since the cost of living has risen very high due to influx of outside people, most of the tenants live in the adjacent towns and villages which have become very congested.

Mohali city which is one of the cities along with Chandigarh and Panchkula that is called tricity. In fact Mohali and Panchkula are the extensions of Chandigarh as far the design is concerned. Mohali houses the main administrative offices of Punjab and Panchkula houses the offices of Haryana. Ministers and MLAs prefer to live in the Chandigarh proper.

Falling in Mohali district is a village called Masaul which is the very antithesis of the progress and Chandigarh and Moahli city. It is totally neglected in the matter do civic amenities. In fact there are no schools, no drinking water supply. People still use camels for ferrying the water and other merchandise from the city. There is no pressure on the children of education since there is no school. In fact some children who are determined go on foot very long way to a school very far off.

People who have camels often go to city during the fun fairs for earning a few rupees by providing camel rides. The life is very tough. These people are having small land holdings. Since the city cannot expand, there are expansions all around.

These innocent people have been deprived of their land by the land sharks for very small sums. The conditions are such that those who were once the land holders are now working as labours in the construction work. Roads that have been made connect only the areas where these constructions are going on.


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