Top Indian Techies in US

There is a saying in Microsoft, Google and just about any other tech company in the US, if you throw a stone there is a very good chance that you will hit an Indian. As we know that two Indians are in the race to become the global CEO of software giant Microsoft. One is the insider Satya Nadella who is in charge of Cloud computing and is with for 22 years. Another fellow is Sundar Pichai whose name has also surfaced for the CEO of Microsoft in today’s newspapers in addition to the insider Satya Nadella. It is all Indian affair. Chennai versus Hyderbad. Sundar seems better in terms of software development with Chrome browser which merges the Google’s legendary search with browser’s text box for typing website URLs, Android which has taken mobile with a storm and has in the process almost routed Nokia, Google drive-storage space at Google servers and integration of Google toolbar with other browsers like Firefox and Internet explorer. Satya on the other hand handles entrepreneurial affairs and heads the Cloud computing technology. It is improbable that Google shall let go such a talent as Sundar and also Microsoft generally chooses the people who are insiders. So chances of Satya being appointed Global CEO are better. In any case, it is a matter of pride for India.

Nadella, who has been with Microsoft 12 years longer than Pichai at Google, is as clued in on the enormity of the challenge that faces Microsoft.
Other Indians who are doing brilliantly are:
1. Vinod Khosla: co-founder of Sun Microsystems
2. Romesh Wadhwani: Symphony Technology Group
3. Gururaj Deshpande: Sycamore Networks
4. Pradeep Sindhu: Juniper Networks
5. Bharat Desai: Syntel
6. Padmasree Warrior: Cisco
7. Nikesh Arora: Senior VP at Google
8. Vivek Gundotra: Google+
9. Sanjay Mehrotra: co founder Sandisk

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