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Big Boss Chahte Hain Ke Armaan………

Big Boss is a show on Colors which collects a bunch of freaks, flops, spoilt and abnormal people. Majority of them are flops from the film industry and show business. The currently running show called Big Boss 7 Saath is no exception.

The leader of the pack in this show is the flop actor Armaan Kohli. He is like a bull in china shop. He picks up fights, hurls abusive language on contestants. Even as the show is only one month to conclude, he is always seen wearing shorts and a t shirt. He has the peculiar habit of sitting with his feet on the table and constantly shaking his legs which are indicative of deep seated insecure nature.

He is the son of director and film producer Raj Kumar Kohli and famous Punjabi actress of the old times Nishi. His real name is Munish. Raj Kumar Kohli used to make ensemble cast films. Jitendra, Dharmendra and Sunil Dutt were his favorite actors. His father in a bid to launch his son’s career, as is the case with many film personalities, introduced him in 1990 in the multi-starrer action film Virodhi under the name Arman Kohli. After the film was flop, he was cast by his father in Aulad Ke Dushman (1993) and Qahar (1997) which also failed.

In a last bid to launch his son successfully after a lull of many years, Rajkumar made Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani. It was a disaster and end of his film career. Only other acting Arman Kohli has done is Big Boss 7 where he seems to have carried with him his aggressive behavior and arrogance as the baggage. He seems to be having big faith in numerology which is evident from the ever changing spellings of his adopted screen name as Armaan, Aarman etc.

But one strange thing is if the public had rejected him in the past in his films how come he is safe to the end almost in this show despite his unpleasant and arrogant nature. What is the reason?.

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